Production Artist

As far back as I can remember I was always drawing something. This led to an interest in all things creative, from cartoons and animation to music and audio. I found myself being curious about how these things came about, how these ideas were made into a solid piece of work and what tools were used to do it.

As the processes of these creative endeavors moved into the realm of the digital, these various interests converged into one tool: the computer. I found many ways to express an idea, to take a thought and express it through an image, a moving picture, or an distinct sound, all through a single tool. I found that this aptitude led me to other people with compelling ideas, but lacking the knowledge to express it, leading me to help them bring these ideas to life. With the expansion of the the internet, this one device again expanded my ability to discover people and projects from place I’d never seen before, and communicate and collaborate with them effectively to help bring their ideas into tangible expressions.

I feel that my strength is in working with others in bringing their ideas to life. I have ideas of my own that I enjoy working on, but this helps me in my work by bringing solutions and creative thinking to a job that goes beyond a merely plugging words or pictures into a predetermined template or filter and helps give a job its own personality and uniqueness.

I am a production artist. Call me Andrew.