Production Artist

My most recent work.

  • International Delight website animation
    International Delight website animation

    Part of a series of animations created for use as easter eggs in the International Delight holiday website. Created with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Animate (Flash)

  • International Delight droplet character
    International Delight droplet character

    This is a recreation of International Delight’s ‘droplet’ character for use in animations created for a holiday version of their website. Created using Illustrator.

  • Direct Partners animated holiday video
    Direct Partners animated holiday video

    A holiday video for use at Direct Partners. Graphics created in Illustrator and animated in After Effects.

  • American Horror Story website takeover
    American Horror Story website takeover

    Part of a series of banner and background sets designed for the Coven season of American Horror Story. Versions were created for AV Club, Glam, Pop Sugar, US Weekly and Wikia websites.

  • Keep Memory Alive program
    Keep Memory Alive program

    Keep Memory Alive is an auction event to raise money for research into brain disorders. Was the sole production artist in charge of organizing items and photos, defining and maintaining a consistent format throughout the document, and using data merges to import information from various sources. Used Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

  • CLEAR Magazine ad
    CLEAR Magazine ad

    A magazine ad made for mobile internet provider Clear. Made with Adobe Illustrator editing multiple people to form a giant crowd.

  • Cartoon caricature
    Cartoon caricature

    Part of a series of cartoon caricatures made in Abode Illustrator of friends.

  • Planet Hollywood brochure
    Planet Hollywood brochure

    This was a brochure handed to exclusive guests of the announcement and opening of the Planet Hollywood casino in Las Vegas. As the sole production artist for this piece, I coordinated, organized and edited artwork from multiple artists. I also created numerous special layers for special inks and varnishes. Used Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

  • MGM Foxwoods logo
    MGM Foxwoods logo

    Vector logo for the MGM Grand at Foxwoods recreated from a lo-res PSD using Illustrator

  • Puppet Logo
    Puppet Logo

    Personal logo created in Illustrator.

  • Sy N Fig
    Sy N Fig

    A cartoon created while working with the team developing the open-source animation program Synfig Studio. Used in official demo reels and presentations for the program.